Welcome to the (NEW) little vineyard

Our huge new bar

Our huge new bar

The Little Vineyard combines the intimate and rustic charm of the country with the uninterrupted views from the Yarra Valley’s rolling hills to bring you a truly unique escape for the perfect wedding.

This venue had been utilised as a family-run function space for years until 2018 when “Going Gourmet” discovered the space. “Going Gourmet” are known widely as Melbourne’s leading catering company and owners of “Baxter Barn,” one of Victoria’s most popular wedding venues. All this experience within the industry is what made them the ideal team to renovate The Little Vineyard to reach the amazing potential it has as a space.

Taking over the venue in October “Going Gourmet” went in with one goal for The Little Vineyard, to reveal the glowing potential this venue holds, hidden behind its run-down interior. The rolling hills as a backdrop for a ceremony were almost enough to hold the venue on its own but the team wanted to elevate this with a contemporary, rustic space filled with raw timber details. The first decision was to remove large outdated bar, after this, the team got to work to create something inspired by the contemporary, country breweries of Victoria with stripped back timber and delicate details. The physical renovations, while impressive, are only partly what transformed this space into what is it today.

Renovation work in progress 11th January 2019

Renovation work in progress 11th January 2019

Going Gourmet didn’t want The Little Vineyard to be just a beautiful and unique space for a wedding, our team wanted all aspects of a client’s wedding experience to be phenomenal. Craft beer and wine on tap would be paired with the amazing food that “Going Gourmet” are constantly praised for. This food is nothing but quality produce, prepared by outstanding chef’s and designed for people who love delicious and beautiful food--without all the intimidating and unnecessary bells and whistles.

We want a Bride and Groom to be able to picture themselves standing in-front of our cascading vineyard, the hills behind them, standing before their family and friends prepared for the best day of their lives. Then, once the ceremony is complete, the bridal party will venture throughout the property to the numerous spots around the estate to catch that perfect image. Tangled throughout our vineyard during sunset lies a wedding photographer’s dream, and once that ideal shot is taken to capture their love, the happy new-couple can return to their guests under the outdoor patio surrounded by the warm glow of fairy lights.

While the guests converse and enjoy some beverages, our uniformed and professional staff will be rotating with gourmet canapes and trays of champagne to toast the newlyweds. Once this social-hour after the ceremony has passed, it is time to retreat to the reception area indoors where the guests will be seated at long timber tables so stunning you wouldn’t dare cover them with tablecloths. Finally, the feasting can begin!

Feasting-style receptions are our specialty at Going Gourmet with the protein choices and sides all together in the centre of the table, this allows guests to serve themselves and each other to create a more intimate, family-style dinner setting. All food is kept in arms reach of the guests to ensure no awkward passing of food. At our events no bride will ever have to worry about there being enough food as no guest will ever leave a Going Gourmet event hungry- our guarantee!

When it comes to the celebratory side of the evening our contemporary raw timber bar holds many options of boutique wines, local craft beers and even martinis, something for every crowd to enjoy, all served by our professional and experienced bar tenders. Our team at The Little Vineyard is built of people, from Waiters, to Event Managers and Chefs, whom are extremely passionate about what they do. We believe that by working with people that all love what they do and are experienced in their fields we will bring a new level of service to our clients. We want our clients to recognise the familiar face of their Event Manager on the day and know that they are in capable hands.

It is evident that there have been some big changes to The Little Vineyard in the past few months, but we believe the only way you can truly feel the charm this unique venue has to offer is to experience it for yourself and book a tour with one of our Event Manager’s today!

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